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Things to look for when hiring top Product Management talent.

This is totally opinionated through the lens of my own experience and does not cover the “how” of hiring for such candidates. Which will be the topic for another article in future.

Setting context

Firstly, let’s constrain the context of this article a bit as “product” and “management” can be anything in…

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Many claim they are customer-focused, only a few actually are. This article will help you understand why.

In the new millennia, all businesses are trying to be customer-centric to win the hearts of their target audience and thus win the competition. On paper it all sounds clear — just focus on your business’ customers, understand their context really well and timely deliver a great product addressing those…

Leverage linear interpolation for smooth and performant drag and drop UX using vanilla JavaScript

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Recently, I wrote an article about an implementation of drag and drop functionality using vanilla JavaScript. This time, I want to apply linear interpolation for the dragging logic, such that the draggable object smoothly “catches up” with the user’s cursor/touchpoint as opposed to immediately following it:

Efficient drag-and-drop functionality without a library or framework

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Drag-and-drop functionality is the bread and butter of a modern web UX. It’s an aspect of the API, part of the HTML standard. Lots of UI libraries provide it out of box.

Sometimes, though, we have to deal with situations where neither the standard API nor the libraries can help…

Write an Angular loader service that tolerates concurrency

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Whenever a web application performs an async task, such as an HTTP request or animated page transition, it’s a good idea to add a loader animation to improve UX by setting user expectations (i.e. to say, “I’m busy performing a request”).

Simple Case

So we can write a simple “loader” service that…

Sergey Rudenko

Tech enthusiast and product leader (Amazon PM Tech, ex Riot Games, ex Microsoft, Nokia), author of something awesome in the future;)

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